• Chip Douglas

Celebrating Four Years On The Air And Three Years On The Internet

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

This station is a retirement project by a guy who worked in terrestrial radio for over 40 years. When he retired, he was looking for something to do and discovered internet radio.

WEPQ-LP went on the air in East Peoria, IL, on October 13, 2016, as a Part 15 FM radio station with a coverage area of about 100 feet! (It's still on the air in our new location in Peoria.) Then on July 3, 2017, our coverage increased to the whole world as Jukebox 92.7 went on the internet. And Jukebox 92.7 joined Live365 on July 2, 2019. To everyone who has listened in the past few years, THANK YOU!

We're working to improve our station every day! You can help us by telling us what you think and what you would like to hear on Jukebox 92.7. And let us know where you would like to listen to Jukebox 92.7 on the internet.

Please tell your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors about Jukebox 92.7. We're always looking forward to new listeners joining our radio family. While our station is available through many platforms, we're always looking for even more ways we can serve you, our listeners!

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