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"Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show" Is Part Of The Jukebox 92.7 Saturday Night Line-Up

Updated: Jun 6

Jumpin' Joe features the lost, the forgotten, and the classics of the 1960s and early 1970s. You're going to hear pop, rock, soul, garage, psyche, bubblegum, blues, reggae, and everything in between.

Why so diverse? That's what radio was like in the 1960s.

Don't let Jumpin' Joe's youthful look fool you. He started his broadcasting career in 2003 at WJCU-FM in Cleveland, and launched Retro Radio in 2004 as a recreation of Cleveland's WIXY-1260. The show's success with listeners is reflected in annual radiothons for WJCU. Since 2003, Jumpin' Joe has brought in over $50,000 of listener donations to the radio station.

Jumpin' Joe has always loved "the oldies." The records he buys (and yes they are records) are based on his intense research of old radio surveys like the WIXY-SIXTY Survey, The Big 30 Surveys from CKLW, KHJ, KFRC, and the WLOF Funderful Forty - just to name a few.

Yes you will hear the hits, but you'll also hear the records that were local or regional hits that never made it big on the national charts.

Listeners have tuned in from 14 different states, two Canadian provinces, the UK, and Australia.

Come hang out in the basement, and find out why so many people tune in from all over the world. You will quickly discover that this ain't your ordinary "oldies show."

Check out Jumpin' Joe's website at Basementradioshow.

Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show airs Saturday nights from 10 to midnight, right after That Thing With Rich Appel, on Jukebox 92.7.

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