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Jukebox 92.7 Named Live 365's Featured Spotlight Station

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

We're proud to have been named the Live365 Featured Station Of The Week for June 7-13, 2021. Our streaming service put the spotlight on Jukebox 92.7 and our listeners learned a little bit about what happens in the background while your ears are listening.

Check out the Featured Station Of The Week posting at Featured Spotlight Station: Jukebox 92.7 (

Jukebox 92.7 music royalties are paid by your listenership through Live365.

Jukebox 92.7 is a legal and responsible music provider. We subscribe to and pay all music royalties through our Live365 connection. The commercials you hear on our Live365 stream help make these payments possible. Our partnership with Live365 also allows unlimited bandwidth for any number of listeners. Listen, enjoy, and invite your friends to discover Jukebox 92.7!

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