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Support Jukebox 92.7 By Sponsoring A Day Of Local Weathercasts

Updated: Jun 25

Jukebox 92.7 is programmed to serve the East Peoria/Peoria, IL, area (although you can definitely listen to the music anywhere in the world). You can help support Jukebox 92.7 by sponsoring local weathercasts.

Your sponsorship will get one full day of weathercasts every 6th day. Example: You get Monday the first week, Tuesday the second week and so forth. On the 7th day, when you would get two weathercasts in the same week, you get your second weather sponsorship day FREE.

Your cost is low, too. Your sponsorship would be $25 a month. You'll get a name mention at least 48 times each day your sponsorship runs and a banner on the Jukebox 92.7 web page. Ask about the details when you contact Jukebox 92.7. Your sponsorship will help financially support Jukebox 92.7!

Contact Chip Douglas at for more information.

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